Launch of Nazariya with a film show “Our Marriages” and a Panel discussion

May 2nd 2015 4 Panel Discussion

Nazariya launched itself with a film called, Our Marriages. Our marriages- When Lesbians Marry gay Men (China, 2013) is a film directed  Dr. He Xiaopei (Executive Director, Pink Space Sexuality – China) the film follows the negotiations, the weddings, and the lives of four lesbians for two years in a big city in the North East of China, documenting their maneuvers and problems. The film raises questions and reflections with regard to the institution of marriage and homosexual life in contemporary Chinese society.

After the launch, there was a panel discussion on Marriage. The panelists were Dr. He He Xiaopei, Dr. Nivedita Menon and Jaya Sharma. The panel was moderated by Rituparna Borah from Nazariya


Nazariya was formed in October 2014 by a group of queer feminist activists. Located in Delhi/NCR with a South Asian presence, Nazariya was started to sensitize the work and culture of groups and individuals that are working on issues of gender based violence, livelihoods, education and health from a LBT perspective through research & evaluations, capacity building and advocacy. We believe that queer perspective with a focus on LBT issues will help build linkages between issues of people margnalised the basis of gender and sexuality with the existing work on violence, livelihoods, education, health etc. and thereby impact the discourse on pleasure, desire, rights and entitlements.

Nazariya’s mission:

Nazariya is a queer feminist organization that believes all LBT* people have the innate capacity to understand, demand; and access their rights. The organization works towards affirming the rights of queer people (LBT) by making visible their lives and creating an enabling environment where queer lived realities is a non negotiable and informs the work and discourse of organizations and institutions.

Why LBT ?:

Nazariya works with a special focus on issues and concerns of Lesbian Bisexual Women and Trans*[1](LBT) people assigned female at birth. Lesbian Bisexual and trans* people assigned female at birth (LBTFAB)[2] face double marginalization because of their sexual orientation and their gender assigned to them at birth which is female.

For Nazariya, gender is beyond the binary of man and woman. It recognizes gender as a structure, which has different norms for people assigned female and male at birth. Nazariya consciously challenges the binary framework in its work, vision and agenda. Nazariya will ensure that this understanding of gender permeates into organisations working on gender in different capacities. Its understanding on sexuality also moves beyond violence and identities. For Nazariya, sexuality is a lens, which will help analyse institutions, issues and structures and thereby address issues of margnalisation and inclusivity in a holistic manner. 

We also conduct researches, trainings and reviews on demand.

[1] Trans* is an umbrella term for transgender people, gender queer people or people who do not confirm to notions of gender assigned to them at birth.

[2] Nazariya uses the term T*FAB because it’s a broad category of people who were assigned female gender at birth. A term like trans masculine excludes people who are genderqueer and people who do not want to exclude the feminine aspect of their identity.