Towards a new Nazariya: Appeal for funds

Hello friends!

Nazariya is a young queer feminist resource group started by Purnima Gupta, Ritambhara Mehta, Rituparna Borah, and Suchi Kushwah in Delhi NCR. Our work focuses on issues and concerns of lesbian and bisexual women, and trans* people assigned female at birth (LBTFAB). LBTFAB people face marginalization because of both their sexual orientation and the female gender assigned to them at birth.

In India, work on LGBT issues is mainly in the sphere of HIV & AIDS, sexual and gender identities, and the law (Section 377, IPC). But there are many ways in which LBT people are excluded and marginalised that are not often recognised and dealt with in the existing work on violence, livelihoods, education, health, etc.:

  1. The non-inclusion of LBT people in gender-based violence/violence against women, health, education, and livelihoods intervention

  2. At the workspace: Very few organisations acknowledge that LBT people should be included in their workspace. Even with them, the work environment and their human resource policies are not queer-friendly

  3. Limited outreach: There are no support groups that work in small towns and rural areas

  4. Lack of an intersectionality approach: There is a need to start looking at sexual identities in relation to the multiple identities interplaying in social structure, such as that of class, caste, religion, ability, region, age, etc.

It is in this gap that Nazariya places its intervention, expanding existing LBT discourse and work into the realm of rights, entitlements, desire, pleasure…


Nazariya believes all LBT people have the innate capacity to understand, demand, and access their rights. The organization works towards affirming the rights of LBT people by making their lives visible and creating an enabling environment where queer lived realities are non-negotiable and inform the work and discourse of organizations and institutions.
Queer lived realities pertain to acts, ideologies or ways of being which defy prevalent norms dictated and naturalised by the dominant patriarchal regime. Our perspective, therefore, is not only to include LBT people and politics in our realm of work, but also to include people and politics that face discrimination for existing in any way outside of privileged societal strictures. 


The locus of our intervention will be through:

  • Conducting workshops and training programmes with organisations working on violence, livelihood, health, and education to build perspective on LBT issues

  • Action research for direct interventions that benefit queer lives in urban and rural centres

  • Setting up an LBT resource centre/advocacy group/network/library focused on South Asia

  • Fellowships for LBT youth from marginalised communities and regions

Nazariya is in its first year, working on setting up a grounding. It’s a fact that queer initiatives in our country mostly receive funding only from outside India. However, Nazariya was registered in March 2014, and getting an FCRA permit to accept funds from outside the country won’t be possible for another three years. Till then, we’ll need to find funding resources solely from within India for our work.

In order to conduct our consultancies and workshops, engage with universities and communities, and build a research network, we need an organisational setup in place:

  • Our staff currently comprises two full-time and two part-time members, and we need to expand our team by a full-time programme staff and a consultant for operational development.

  • We don’t have an office space! We’re in need of a working space for the team, with modest requisite office resources: one desktop/laptop, Tally for accounts, stationery, kitchen setup, etc.

To make a donation, write to us on or call us on +91-99999 77272 & +91-98182 00807. We consider no amount small. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

For more about us:

Facebook: Nazariya Qfrg | Twitter: @NazariyaQFRG

Our blog:

We are registered as Nazariya Foundation under sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013, and rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014, and have received 12A and  80G certification. Nazariya has a bank account.

Thank you and warm regards,

Nazariya Team

  • Trans* is an umbrella term for transgender people, genderqueer people, or people who do not conform to notions of gender assigned to them at birth. 
  • Nazariya uses the term T*FAB because it’s a broad category of people who were assigned female gender at birth. A term like ‘trans masculine’ excludes people who are genderqueer and people who do not want to exclude the feminine aspect of their identity.

2 thoughts on “Towards a new Nazariya: Appeal for funds

  1. Hi sir /mam thanks for continue this great and helpful website. I m transman, and I want to change my gender in all my documents… From next month I will going to follow all process for my counseling and transition. Plz help me and guide me how I can change my gender in my documents…


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