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Our Lives Our Tales: 

The histories of our movement are vastly underrepresented and unrecorded. As generations of feminists and queer activists pass along, legacies are disjunctured and weakened. One of our objectives as Nazariya is also to preserve and record material from the past that create a history and legacy. A queer legacy will strengthen our movement and validate the existence of queer realities.

Through our talk series, Our Lives Our Tales (OLOT), given by people who have lived queer lives and fought battles for the queer movement we want to preserve oral histories that might otherwise be lost with them. The talks will be publicised within the community, including organisations and individuals working in other human rights movements. They will be conducted as informal talk sessions where one or two speakers share tales of the past with the group – perhaps focusing on a certain issue (how the Delhi Queer Pride Committee was formed), a certain point in history (such as what the queer/feminist movement did about the ban of the movie Fire, and the implications it had), or even just stories of their own lives (how the lesbian party scene was in Delhi in the ’90s or early ’00s).